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Scheduling and Cost

You can see our schedule of classes here
For 3.5 full days of live lecture the cost total is $449. This also includes full online access for 2 months!
You can save your seat with a down payment of $50. Final payments are due a week before the start of the class. You can make smaller payments up until the class due date by calling 212-679-2300. Pay in full for early online access!
Yes, we have new online NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-LPNS courses! Learn more here
The live lecture is from 8am to 5pm. Online classes are available 24/7!

Curriculum and Tests

Test taking strategies are included when answering the practice questions throughout the Live Lecture. In addition, we have prepared a test taking strategies booklet that covers how to study, when to study, how to answer different format questions, how to read questions, and how to control test taking anxiety. Prioritization and delegation guidelines are also included.
Each day of lecture will cover questions that reflect the content that was reviewed. Students also receive access to online quizzes and tests to continue reviewing on your own.
At the request of many students, we have added a full day of Pharmacology to our  Live Lecture. We also have an online pharmacology course which can be purchased as part of our Full Comprehensive Online Review Bundle or on its own as a stand alone course.
Feuer Nursing Review has been in business longer than any other NCLEX review course. Over 40 years! No other review course will breakdown what you need to know more thoroughly than Feuer Nursing Review. We give you the most in depth review of nursing content and concepts which other review courses and accelerated nursing programs do not spend enough time covering.
We recommend 2-5 weeks to study all the material that will be provided at the class. The amount of suggested time depends on when you graduated from nursing school, if you are working full or part time, your personal life responsibilities and if you have already started studying before the course.
Everything you need to know about the NCLEX and how to schedule your test can be found at We highly recommend you research this website to prepare.

Course Logistics

If you cannot make a class for any reason, you can go over all the lecture time you missed by watching the lecture videos online.
It is in your best interest to come on time for every class. Take advantage of your time with the expert professors because you paid for it and you deserve it!
Students should bring a picture ID and proof of their payment. We recommend bringing a highlighter, note taking material, multiple layers of clothing, and lunch. Please keep in mind that there is no microwave available at the hotel.

Other Questions

We have over 40 years of experience helping international educated nurses obtain their license. Our method of teaching takes into consideration your barriers with language, culture, and the writing style of NCLEX questions. We have glossaries, we spell out commonly abbreviated words, the majority of our instructors have experience teaching students who speak English as a second language.
A large portion of the students who come to us have been away from nursing for several years or more. We offer a comprehensive content based review that provides the information you “must know” plus the test taking strategies and practice questions needed to be fully prepared for the test.

If you fail the test after taking a live class, you can attend a free live class within 6 months of the first class you attended. If it has been over 6 months since you attended our class, you can attend another class at half price.

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