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Every year about 300,000 trained nurses nationwide take the NCLEX RN and LPN exam, but nearly 90,000 students fail (NCSBN, 2016). That’s almost 30 percent! What can you do to improve your odds and be well prepared to face this challenging exam with confidence?

We invite you to try the Feuer NCLEX comprehensive review courses for RNs and LPNs to gain a solid base of all test content.

No matter if it’s the first time you’ve taken the test or you’re having to repeat it, our expert faculty will teach you how to apply essential concepts and principles when answering NCLEX-style questions. Sign up today for either our online or in-person courses and take the next step to passing your NCLEX exam!

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Mabuhay ang mga Filipino nurses!

Did you ever wonder why a large number of Filipinos choose a career in nursing? In California alone, 20% of the nursing force are Filipino, however Filipino immigrants make up only 4% of the state’s population. The mainstream media even jokes about the fact that most...

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Nursing, A Career Of Passion

Why did you become a nurse? Nurses are asked this a lot. Look at the job dedicated nurses do day in and day out. Nurses almost never see people at their best and it’s a sad truth that some people allow their discomfort to come out when they normally wouldn’t. Yet,...

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Celebrate Your Nurse Mom

Nurses and moms have one huge trait in common. They’re nurturers. Genetically, women are programmed to care for their children and families. The nursing profession has many of the same tasks involved. (Not that males don’t make amazing nurses – they do!) Perhaps...

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You’re Graduating Nursing School, Now What?

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen. “ -Ralph Emerson   During nursing school you had to balance homework, a job, family, health,...

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Showing Your Nurse Partner Valentine’s Love

Nurses, share this article with your significant other!  Nurses take on caring for others. As a result, they usually don’t see people at their best. The care nurses provide is more than simple physical needs. They’re often on the receiving end of patients’...

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NCLEX Success Stories

Graduating from nursing school is a huge accomplishment – congratulations! The next challenge to having the nursing career you’re dreaming of is passing the NCLEX test. To celebrate another successful year, we’re sharing a few of our students’ personal stories. We...

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Developing Gratitude

At this time of year, people are particularly focused on being thankful. You may not realize that having a grateful attitude all year long leads to greater happiness and a higher sense of fulfillment. It also correlates to great success. Largely, the reason for this...

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Nursing as a Second Career

As many fields are experiencing layoffs and shrinking career opportunities, one career is attracting many experienced workers. People who are seeking a career change that provides them with job stability and advancement opportunities frequently find themselves called...

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Inspirational Letter from a Feuer Student

Good Morning Feuer Family,      I'm a year late, as you can tell being a NURSE gets you busy. Anyways I wanted to share my NCLEX experience. Back in June of 2014 I took the NCLEX for the first time. I graduated April, and I wanted to sit for the boards as soon as...

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In Memoriam: Dr. Helen Feuer

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our Founder, Dr. Helen Feuer, who passed away recently at her home in New York City. Helen was a pioneer in the NCLEX review industry. She established a high quality immersive learning program in the 1970s which...

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