Attention Angelica:

Hi Mrs. Feuer, I want to thank you for a job well done. Nursing school perhaps was a task that we needed to master or should I say pass just so we get to the point of taking the dreaded NCLEX. On my first try I thought I did my best in preparing to take the NCLEX because I took Kaplan that guaranteed my passing the boards on the first try. I was confident because a Kaplan instructor told us once that if a score of 60 has been attained on mock exams then you are on your way to passing. I did a total of 1300 Kaplan question before I scheduled to take my board. So the day came and I went into building 100 William Street at 8 am, sat down and anxiety took over because I was not at all prepared to take this monster of an exam. Got 265 questions and failed. Then I scheduled another date for the month of May and took the NCLEX review on line and what a nightmare and a total waste of my 70 dollars. I did as much as I could and before I knew it my new date was up. I came out from this exam feeling even worse than I did the first time. The results came and I knew it, I had failed again. I was at the point where I wanted to forget about it. I thought that I was not smart enough to take this monster of an exam.

A coworker told me about Feuer Nursing Review. I searched it on the web and the first thing I did was check the price, then I backed down because of the cost. I had at this point spent 400 dollars on registration fees with Pearson Vue 450 on Kaplan that was clearly a waste; I was at the end of my rope with a young growing family. A few days later the depression set in. I immediately went back to the site and paid for the registration and made a partial payment for the June 26 class. I scheduled my new NCLEX date for July 17 but I did not feel like I was totally prepared therefore, I re-scheduled for august 11. It is now 8 months since I have graduated from nursing school. The day came and I go inside feeling confident and knowing this time I am a winner. Well, well, well, it was the best 500 dollars I had spent in my whole entire life. I passed my NCLEX on the 3rd try thanks to the talented professors of Feuer Nursing Review. They gave me the tools I needed to go in and master the NCLEX.

Now I am sitting back waiting for the signing and acceptance of my new RN contract. It is possible to master the NCLEX with the tools that are given at this review. A special thanks to Professor Marcia Owens, thank you for changing my perspective on psychiatric nursing. You are blessed and indeed the right women for the job. Well done and thanks to the millionth power, seriously thank you.