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Get the help you need to pass NCLEX.


Feuer Nursing Review’s courses give students the confidence they need to pass.

No matter if it’s the first time you’ve taken the test or you’re having to repeat it, our expert faculty will teach you how to apply essential concepts and principles when answering NCLEX-style questions.


  • Comprehensive review courses for RNs and LPNs to gain a solid base of all the test content.
  • Powerful online study materials. Try a trial course for free!
  • Clearly explained content and practical application to different clinical scenarios.

“I had already taken my exam twice, but failed. In Florida, after 3 fails we are required to enter a remedial program so I was extremely nervous about my approaching test date. However, after attending the Feuer Nursing Review I came back to Miami feeling VERY confident.

The few weeks before my test, I continued  the online coursework and also bought a separate question bank to continue preparing. On December 21, 2017 I sat for my test. The day after, I checked the FBON website, opened up my test results and saw “PASS”; I am officially a registered nurse!”


“Wow, graduating nursing school has been a time-consuming road of hard work and dedication, but that feeling of accomplishment will forever be a part of me. I believed nothing could top that feeling of graduating, but I still knew the road was not complete.

I recently received news I passed my NCLEX and I am officially a registered nurse! Upon receiving this news, a feeling that is indescribable flourished within me. Seeing that “pass” will forever be my greatest accomplishment.”


“I tried multiple courses as well as used multiple books and other resources to aide me in accomplishing my goal but my end result always came back the same…FAIL. One day I came across Feuer review and decided to give it a try. During each class I was engaged in learning each topic and motivated to work hard towards passing this monster of an exam.
The one crucial difference in Feuer review from the others was that Feuer really give you what you need to pass instead of just touching the surface or focusing on strategies or making you do all the work. Instead Feuer gives you great resources to help you along in this venture.”

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Feuer Nursing Review NCLEX

Feuer NCLEX-RN & NCLEX-LPN September 2019 Live Lecture
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“Our goal is to positively impact each and every student that takes our course. Our role is to help students fulfill their dream of becoming a nurse and we take that role very seriously.” – Angelica Feuer, President of Feuer Nursing Review

Every year about 300,000 trained nurses nationwide take the NCLEX RN and LPN exam, but nearly 90,000 students fail (NCSBN, 2016). That’s almost 30 percent! What can you do to improve your odds and be well prepared to face this challenging exam with confidence?

At Feuer Nursing Review, our mission is to guide students through the NCLEX test prep process and give you the best chance of passing your NCLEX the very first time. Unlike other courses that provide you with only practice exams, we cover the content and the test-taking strategies needed to ensure your thorough understanding of the material and of the test itself, while reinforcing what you have already learned in nursing school.

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