My name is Nwaokomah. I was introduced to Feuer Nursing Review by my husband’s friend, who told me she would not have passed the NCLEX exam if she had not attended, so I decided to register for the March 2015 class. I was not so confident at first because at the time I was 32 weeks pregnant and I did not know if I would be able to stay each day for class. The classes were all great, we had great professors who really cared and wanted us to pass. They explained well, answered all of our questions, and provided assistance when necessary. I attended each class every day and was not tired at all because it was so educational and interesting. When I got home I went through all the material we were given and answered all the questions. I took my NCLEX exam the following month. Some of the questions I saw in the text were similar to those on the exam, so that was interesting. I did all 265 questions and at the end of it, I was sure I was going to pass because one of the professors told us “if you see these kinds of questions know you are passing,” so when most of my questions were that kind I felt confident. But, I prayed every day. Before, during, and after the exam, and God heard my prayers. A week later I went to get the mail and I saw a letter from my board. I was afraid to open it, but when I finally did it was my license inside. I am an RN. HALLELUJAH.