Dear Angelica Feuer,

I have finally passed my NCLEX after reviewing your course. I hope you have remembered me, since you went over some questions with me at the end of the review course and helped me set up a plan on how to study. I can’t thank you enough for the best review course and for your help.

I have graduated from Adelphi University and right after that I have taken Kaplan’s review for NCLEX. I couldn’t make it the first time. What I had missed from Kaplan is a good review of all subjects’ material in the class rather than reading from the book. All they did was go over it with priority questions. This was out of my expectation, what I was really looking for was a good review of Med surge, Peds, OB, Psych and important tools to learn in school because the NCLEX world is totally different. After coming to Feuer Nursing review I have gained more confidence in myself. My expectation was met in this review class and I am very satisfied. The best part I really appreciated was a good brief explanation of all the subject material by the teachers and the teachers were awesome and their study guide’s. I cannot thank you enough for that essential information and the 27 cd’s which were so helpful. I have finally passed my boards after attending this review. I highly recommend this review class to anyone who is looking for a focused NCLEX review and to the point, essential tools to pass.

Best Regards,

Jannat Chowdhury