Dear Angelica Feuer & Staff:

Greetings from McAllen, TX, I just want to thank you all for your contribution in my successful comeback after having taken the NCLEX twice, yes 2 times before attending your course seminar. I graduated with honors in the school I attended, but it was not enough to pass the NCLEX the first time around, in fact even the second time around. I had read, studied, and reviewed several reviewers such as: Meds-Pub, Saunders, Lippinccott, Kaplan, HESI, and other CD’s and tapes with no resulting success. I believe that without your program and god’s help I probably would not have succeeded. I owe your company a lot of gratitude for my success. Before I took your course; twice it took the whole 6 hrs. and all 265 questions for me to answer. Still after all that time and effort, the NCLEX would not allow me to pass. Now after taking your course last March 2009 in Miami, Florida, purchasing the CD’s and reviewing and answering the take home questions I got a better understanding of it than what I learned from school. After six weeks of review, I took the exam and this time the computer shut down after 76 questions. I was very pleasantly rejoicing after I learned that I FINALLY PASSED. YOU’RE THE BEST.

May god continue to bless your company and may your prosper.

Sincerely yours,

Dennis Dias ADN, RN