My name is DJ, and I am one of the June 2016 Feuer Nursing Review students. I can truly say that I had a productive experience with the Feuer review, I enjoyed it. I encourage people to take this type of review because Feuer review focuses on what is important for the NCLEX exam. On August 6th, 2016 I was able to successfully pass the RN- NCLEX exam my first time taking it. I studied NCLEX contents for about 3 months and with Feuer Review I was able to focus on what was necessary.

The practice questions from Feuer are really helpful toward passing the exam. They make you think critically, especially the last 200 questions of the comprehensive section in the Psych book and the questions in the CD room. These questions are harder than NCLEX questions. I encourage everyone who is afraid of facing the NCLEX exam to take part in the Feuer Nursing Review and to do all the questions given for homework and read/study the rationales.

Believe me, they help. Thank you, Feuer!