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NCLEX-RN Psychiatric Nursing & Test Strategies


  • 7 Audio CDs on Psychiatric Nursing
  • 1 Content Study book
  • Over 500 NCLEX Style Practice Questions with Answers & Rationales

Topics Covered:

NCLEX-RN Psychiatric Nursing

  1. Fundamentals of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
  2. Ethical and Legal issues
  3. Major mental health disorders
  4. Major theories of personality development
  5. Boundaries & limit setting
  6. Family violence
  7. Crisis intervention
  8. Stages of Grief
  9. Psychiatric medications
  10. Factors to consider when providing nursing care to clients from different ethnic/religious backgrounds.

NCLEX-RN Test Taking Strategies

  1. Preparing for success on the NCLEX- RN exam
  2. Learn what to study
  3. How to read and answer different type of questions
  4. Realistic and effective study plan
  5. How to control your test anxiety
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