Dear Feuer Nursing Review Staff:

I just want to say thank you very much, I had taken the NCLEX exam 3 previous times. I graduated in 2005 and took the exam and did not pass after the 3rd attempt. I moved out of the country, I felt like I was never going to pass the exam as much as I studied. When I finally decided to come back to New York and finish off what I started, I began studying and realized it was becoming overwhelming since it had been so many years since I graduated. That’s when my lifesaver came about at my daughter’s clinic; it was an RN who said she also took the Feuer Nursing Review and passed. I had even given up hope and I felt like it would be impossible after so many years. I took the exam with the test taking skills that the review taught us, took my time, relaxed and succeeded. Thank you Mrs. Feuer and your incredible staff.

Once again thank you.

Christina Cruz