“Here’s my story. I graduated from nursing school in 2012, didn’t take my boards until 2014 due to Financial difficulties. I failed the first time at 75 questions. I knew I failed again the second time, now mind you I had a tutor from my school but that did not work for me. So I looked all over and tried everything you could think of. I tried it all…

Nothing seemed to help. On my 8th fail attempt, a friend of mine suggested that I try Feuer so I took the live review and at the end of the day I had a conversation with miss Feuer and ask her how many hours should I put in to study and she looked at me and said ‘how bad do you want it?’

So here I am on my 10th try. I am a RN!

Never give up on your dream, have confidence, trust your first answer because it’s right, listen to the videos, and do all the question. You can do it too

– Carmen C.