Dear Future RN’s,

Wow, graduating nursing school has been a time-consuming road of hard work and dedication, but that feeling of accomplishment will forever be a part of me. I believed nothing could top that feeling of graduating, but I still knew the road was not complete. I recently received news I passed my NCLEX and I am officially a registered nurse! Upon receiving this news, a feeling that is indescribable flourished within me. Seeing that “pass” will forever be my greatest accomplishment.

I was introduced to Feuer Nursing through my college and was honestly at first very overwhelmed, due to the amount of content. After starting Feuer I was very intrigued on how the content was presented and organized. Feuer allowed me to find content I was weakest in and form a plan to organize what I needed to cover most, while leaving other content I was stronger in for review only.

The road to my NCLEX was not easy. After taking in all the content I made a timed plan of 1 month. I organized content into systems such as cardiac, endocrine, etc. in a notebook and left pages to later fill in notes. I used a program called Uworld. These questions are what tied this large amount of content from Feuer and allowed me to utilize it in NCLEX style questions. This process was not easy but overwhelming and stressful. I could not let this stress affect me because I made it through nursing school and no exam is going to take that last step away from me. I realized I will not know everything but Feuer’s organized and well constricted content allowed me to see that its not about knowing everything its about using your knowledge and skills to make the best decision according to the situation. After using these tips, I started to progress in my performance on questions and keeping my confidence was key because stress can take away from my performance. The day before my test I did not study, which was not easy, but I relaxed and pictured myself passing the test and receiving my RN.

When arriving to my test I was nervous but remained confident and treated it like any other test because I told myself I am a nurse and I fulfilled my requirements to graduate and I am going to prove it no matter what. Confidence in your self is a must and we all can do it, WE made it through nursing school and this is just a step to complete the road. Nursing is a passion for most and when receiving the RN title we are special people that worked to hard for anyone or anything to take that away.


Brendon Bovill, BSN, RN

College of Mount Saint Vincent

RN Brendon