NCLEX-LPN Lecture Course Overview

Our NCLEX-LPN exam review course consists of 4-1/2 days of live lectures plus a half-day of practice exams.

Our highly qualified lecturers discuss the integrated nursing process and its relationship with client needs, pharmacology, math, nutrition, safety, infection control, legal issues, management of client care (priorities and delegation), home care and cultural diversity. The review focuses on NCLEX-LPN exam prep and reinforces lecture material with over 1200 homework questions.

The NCLEX-LPN Seminar covers the following topics:


  • The Nurse & the Law, Management of Patient Care, Safety, Infection Control, Emergency Nursing, Nutrition, Fluids & Electrolytes, Nursing Care of Adults with Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Acid-Base, Gastrointestinal, Endocrine, Genitourinary, Oncological, Connective Tissue, Musculoskeletal, Sensory, Neurological and Infectious Disorders.
    Human Reproduction, Infertility, Contraception, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Disorders of the Reproductive Tract, Women’s Health, Menstrual Cycle, Menopause, Perinatal Nursing, Care of the Antepartal Patient, Complications During Prenatal Period, Labor & Delivery, Post-Partum & Neonatal Assessment.
    Growth & Development, Nursing Care of Children with Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Renal, Neurological, Hematological, Oncological and Endocrine Diseases, Pediatric Emergencies, Communicable Diseases, Child Abuse, Attention Deficit Disorder.
    Phases of the Nurse-Patient Relationship, Parameters & Boundaries, Communication, Legal & Ethical Issues, Charge Duties, Anxiety & Defense Mechanisms, Mood Disorders, Cultural Diversity, Nursing Process, Schizophrenia, Dementia, Alcoholism.
  • The NCLEX-LPN Practice Exam
    The NCLEX-LPN practice exam contains hundreds of NCLEX sample questions, which help to focus the nursing student on key words rather than distracters, on critical thinking, test-taking strategies, nursing principles, rationales and study skills.We also provide an interactive NCLEX practice CD-ROM that contains 200 questions detailing the rationales behind correct and incorrect answers, thereby enhancing the learning process and improving your likelihood of passing.


You can register for just $75.00 to guarantee your seat at the course, and pay the full balance the morning of the first day of course. We accept major credit cards, debit cards, cash, and money orders; no personal checks accepted the week of the course.